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Dear Melissa


"You always talked about the importance of having a positive "birth story", I didn't really understand what you ment by this until I went through the birth of our son and then started retell and remember my birth story. You helped me make my birthing story so incredible, I can't thank you enough. When I think about that day it seems surreal, it seems like there was a light shining over us. All I remember is the peace, connectedness, support and love of that day. I can now also be proud to say I experienced a natural birth and was able to give that gift to baby A.


I can't put into words my memory of the experience but I can say it was one of my favorite moments (all 27.5 hrs!)

it was happy, bright, warm, comforting and overall amazing.


Thank-you for helping to give me that experience. You have an amazing gift with your calm presence, your knowledge and your caring nature, without you there, I couldn't have been that strong.


~ First time mom 2014  



We can't thank-you enough for being there for us during "baby boys" birth. Words can't express what it meant and how helpful it was having you there. You made the whole process bearable and helped me so much. I wouldn't have wanted to do it without you, your guidence, support and friendship. 


- First time mom 2015 

Dear Melissa, 


We want to take a moment to thank you for all the support you showed both myself and my wife. When **** first told me she wanted to hire a doula, I have to admit I was a little skepticle and hurt.... I mean really this isnt my first rodeo. I felt like I had a handle on how to support her but after having you with us I am a believer! You made both of us feel more confident, relaxed and comforable during the labour process. With your support I was able to be fully present for the birth of my son. It took so much pressure off of my ability to care for her. It didnt feel like I had a job to do in the delivery room but instead it felt like her and I were a team experiencing the birth of our little one together. 


Simply Amazing!


~ Third time Dad. 2015


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