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Doula's make dad's look good

Do Doula's replace Dad's? Absolutely not!

If anything the presence of a doula allows the father to be more present. So much preasure is put on dads nowadays to be able to take care of their partner during labour and birth. The problem with this is Dad's are often unfarmiliar with birth, have fear about the unknown and can feel helpless seeing the woman he loves in discomfort. Along with this pressure and the concern for the wellbeing of his partner and child, dads are often unable to be truely present. With the doulas support and knowledge of birth fathers are able to release many of these fears, allowing them to connect to their partner and child.

The presence of a doula complements a father's role and strength. A doula can give suggestions and encourage the father to touch, to talk, and to help in ways that feel right for him. In this way, fathers can experience fully the joy and wonder of watching their babies come into the world.

Doulas and Partners make a great team. They are able to not only support mom but also one another.

Early Labor: Doula's can stay with mom while dad runs last minute errands like preping food, making arrangments for older siblings or pets that will require care during labour and birth.

At hospital/birth centre check in:

Doula can assist during check in, bring bags to room etc. Second person ensures mom is not left alone.

Active labor, transition and pushing:

Dad and Doula really work as a team here. Having 2 people ensures mom is never left alone. They can switch off for bathroom and food breaks if required.

They provide physical and emotional support to mom.

A Doula is able to offer suggestions for positions, maintain a peaceful, calm environment, take photos if requested.

After the birth:

The doula allows dad to make required calls without mom feeling abandoned, stay with baby should the need arise to move him/her from mom, and assist with breast feeding.

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